The First Burn is the Most Important
When you light your candle for the first time, always allow the wax to burn so that it melts across the entire surface to the edges and pools to the edges of the container. This will effectively assist in preventing tunneling ( when a candle burns down its centre, leaving hard wax around the outside of the container. This wasted wax means your candle won’t achieve it’s maximum burn-time, a real waste if you love your candles as much as us!).

Keep your wick trimmed
Try to ensure that your wick is always kept to 1cm long at all times. This will help to encourage a more even burn, steady flame, and limit black marks on the edges of the container. Try to avoid burning candles for more than three hours in one sitting as this can cause the container to overheat. It is suggested that after burning a candle for three hours, you should allow the candle to cool for two hours before relighting.

Extinguishing the Wick
It is important to know when to say goodbye to your candle! Make sure you extinguish the wick once the wax gets about 1cm from the bottom of the jar. If it is left to burn out on its own, your glass jar may shatter. To extinguish the candle flame, use a snuffer or carefully dip the wick into melted wax and then straighten to prevent smoking and prevent hot wax splatter. Try to avoid blowing candle flames out and do not extinguish with water as this can cause containers to break.